May 11, 2012

A fantastic dish with aromas of honey, garlic and spearmint. You can use the oven to bake a side dish while the rack is being roasted. Just place baby root vegetables in a baking pan at the bottom of the oven; the fat and marinade dripping from the rack will coat them...

January 28, 2011


As I've told you before, I really like kid goat meat. It is reminiscent of spring lamb, but much more tender and a lot less fatter. This dish is great served with rice (I used whole rice) that can absorbe the tastes from the rich gravy.


Serves: 4




  • 4 ki...

April 12, 2010

Last January Keren and myself celebrated my birthday at the 'Salon' restuarant in Tel Aviv, one of the most applauded restuarants in Israel. Lots has been written about Mr. Shani and his restaurant and by greater writers than yours truly, so I will leave the super...

February 26, 2010


Invented when I had to find use for leftover celeriac and chard leaves, this turned out to be a tremendously delicious dish. This ragù is excellent as a pasta sauce or served on top of plain white rice or mashed potatoes.


Serves: 8




  • 1 onion, sliced

  • ...

October 23, 2009


This ragù is based on the traditional Bolognese ragù but replaces half of the beef with lamb. Note that the meat is roughly chopped rather than minced, this gives the sauce a more 'meaty' texture. The use of sage as the sole herb compliments the lamb's aroma.



July 23, 2009


The grated potato makes the meatballs juicy and fluffy and the seasoning is just exquisite. This dish is excellent served over mashed potatoes or clean white rice.


Serves: 8




  • 1 kg ground beef

  • 1 medium potato, grated

  • 2 medium carrots, chopped


April 26, 2009


This marinade makes for an especially tender and delicious dish. The chicken thighs are also suitable for cooking as whole steaks on a BBQ.


The easiest way to make this marinade is to throw all solid ingredients with a little olive oil into a food processor and run it...

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