Spelt/Whole Wheat/High Extraction sourdough

July 30, 2016

 A fabulous 80% hydration sourdough made almost exclusively from whole flours


Yields 2 large or 3 medium loaves



  • 50g mature sourdough

  • 125g whole spelt flour

  • 125g whole-wheat flour

  • 200g water

Mix well, mature for 12 hours at 23º


Final dough:

  • 500g ripe starter

  • 375g whole-wheat flour

  • 375g whole spelt flour

  • 250g high-extraction (70%) flour

  • 20g salt

Mix until all flour has touched water

Autolyse for 25m

Fold 8 times with wet hands

Rest for 25m

Fold 8 times with wet hands

Retard for 8 hours



Preheat oven to 250º

Divide into 2 or 3 equal-size pieces

Preshape by folding each piece inwards clockwise, then turn over and roll between your hands into a bowl

Rest for 5-10 minutes

Shape into oval or round loaves

Proof for 25 minutes covered then 20 minutes uncovered



Score extensively, the oven spring will be substantial

Slide into oven then add 3 seconds of steam

Bake until dark





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