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Inon Stelman, CTO

We worked with Shai on a couple of projects.

The first was a re-write of one of our core services dealing with payments processing.

The other project was implementing testing infrastructure and process for our main front-end code. On both projects Shai paired with one or more of our engineers and worked together for long durations in order to make significant progress.
Shai puts emphasis on giving knowledge and methodologies and focuses on giving the team the learnings and tools that would stay after he's done with his work.
He brings a very opinionated and holistic approach and does not try to adapt to the org's habits but rather try and introduce his way of building software.
As long as your org is both open-minded but also strong enough to stand ground where it matters you can absolutely benefit from Shai's experience and expertise.



Noam Solan, R&D Team Leader

As a R&D Team Lead at Versatile, I had the opportunity to work with Shai on many projects, including a major project involving a legacy IoT Firmware built for Raspberry Pi with Python. The project involved rewriting our core data collection and transmission process. Shai worked closely with our engineers for extended periods, and his prioritization of knowledge sharing and adoption of best practices, enabled the team to acquire a diverse set of skills and tools that proved to be highly valuable long after his contribution. It is truly a testament to the significance of investing in sustainable learning and development within any organization. If your organization is open-minded and willing to embrace new ways of building software, you can certainly benefit from Shai's extensive experience and expertise, which will surely challenge the current organization approach of writing software. In our organization, it was proven to be a breakthrough that positively impacted future projects.



Alon Moalem, VP R&D

Shai guided us throughout redesigning the core architecture of our product. By exposing us to his approach and knowledge, and by tailoring all of these to our needs, Shai helped us create a flexible, scalable and reliable codebase that increased the quality and velocity of our engineers. Shai has managed to understand our complex product right from the start and helped us build a solid architecture from scratch. He was a great mentor to our tech leaders, and today his approach serves as the basis to our practices in the core of our system.

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