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I joined Orbs to build the engineering team and bootstrap the software running the Blockchain consensus algorithm. I paired with Orbs' technical co-founder and over a couple of weeks we created, using Test-Driven Development, the skeleton for the Blockchain node, covered by comprehensive E2E tests and by fast, responsive integrative tests. The system is continuously integrated and deployed to a test environment where production-like traffic helps prevent regressions.



As Wix grew from 20 to 100 to 1,000 engineers, it was important for me that we retain the essential DNA of what made us an amazing engineering organization. I served an essential role in crafting the way the Guild interacts with the functional units at Wix (referred to internally as "Companies"), in shaping the Guild's (and the entire R&D organization's) hiring practices and processes, and in instilling a culture of professional growth and excellence.

I also took an early part in shaping the way Wix Engineering expands abroad into new sites and territories, starting with the Wix Vilnius office, where I spent some time in 2014-2015, and later when strategizing around the idea of a Kyiv office (which became the largest engineering site Wix has outside of Israel).

In 2016, I assumed joint leadership of the Backend Engineering Guild, focusing on infrastructure, hiring, and guild member professional growth.



I architected and led the engineering team for Wix Stores, utilizing the Scala language, TDD, microservice architecture and Event Sourcing to create a system that can deal easily both with scale and with the (very rapidly) changing requirements coming from the product team. This architecture proved resilient and survived for almost 10 years, and has also become somewhat of a template for other event-sourced solutions at Wix.



When I joined Wix, we had 4 server systems, each a monolith in its own domain. I spearheaded the development of Wix's backend microservice infrastructure, and later packed everything nicely so that creating a new microservice at Wix was a matter of class inheritance in Java.



In 2011 Wix decided it's no longer a Flash-based website builder. I served as the lead developer, architect and later team leader for the backend team behind the Wix HTML Website Builder. This entailed major refactoring work to make it possible to serve two types of sites - Flash and HTML, architecting a core system that keeps track of a site's assets, which to this day serves as the beating heart of the Wix Backend, and working with dozens of Javascript developers with a lot of requirements, often conflicting.

During this period I introduced Scala into the Wix Backend group, which quickly became our language of choice for JVM systems, and pioneered the use of TDD at Wix. 

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